February 20, 2012

Day 20: taking the old girl on a trip

Dug out my underapreciated tiny little samsung digital camera and took heaps of black and white photos on the way home.

Yay me!

I have been meaning to take a photo of this tree for a long long time. It fascinates me how it's roots are breaking through the fence like that. It stands for a lot happening in my life in recent years. There might be people who put obstacles in your way, but if you know who you are and know your strength, nothing can stop you.

Those things are cheating pieces of shit!

Henry's cafe in Lismore, where I had a delicious bacon and egg bagel with spinach and cream cheese. Holy calorie-hell, it was good!

Hey! That's me there!! Haha

Oh yes, my lovely sister-in-law tinted my regrowth today and I officially won't look like a hobo for  about 4 weeks from now on. Oh feeling so good again. With her being a hairdresser I can even afford good quality shampoo and products now. Excellent!

I watched the movie 'The Grey' last night, which I highly recommend, even though I bit all my nails out of excitement and thrill!!!
It combines some of my personal worst case scenarios (plane crash, being lost in the wilderness, being lost in the snow, wild animals who want my arse, leaving people behind to die to save your own life...)
Here's the trailer:

Respect for all the actors, filming this couldn't have been easy! Never used to be an exceptionally big fan of Liam Neeson but after this movie I am definitely part of TEAM L NEESON! Pom poms and all!