February 15, 2012

Day 15: retail bitch

There seems to be a general misconception about sales assistant getting paid for staying back after close, in case customers decide to come in moments before or on closing time. The truth is we don't, at least not until a certain time passes (which can be up to half an hour). In case things are unclear here is a simple code of conduct: 1) Don't enter a shop 10 mins or less before close, if you intend to try on a lot of stuff 2) Don't try to open an already closed door 3) Don't ask an employee if you 'can still come in' to then justify taking your time and holding people up with the fact we said yes in the first place. We sorta have to, y'know 4) don't take it as an open invitation to come in, if you see other people still in the shop. 5) Don't make nasty remarks like 'it's only five past, gosh', if you feel people would really like to go home. SURPRISE: NOONE WANTS TO WORK FOR FREE! There are opening hours and everyone is more than happy to help you within that particular time frame, but it is also common courtesy to let everyone finish their job on time so they can get home to their partners, families and friends and tend to the more pleasent things in life.

On a side note: brain is the new sexy. or something. I want to eat a chocolate bar!