February 07, 2012

Day 7: personal hygiene standards (as per your favourite women's magazine)

as per "Cosmo" men like their female counterparts to have neat and tidy fingernails, without wearing them too long, too colourful and too sparkly. Well, thank you Cosmo study. First of all, thanks for making us women believe, that meeting a males expectations is the only reason we're alive, also the only way our value can be measured is through analysing how much we appeal to a man and how much other women hate/adore/wanna be/are jealous of us. Thank you, and you go COSMO GURLS. All for feminism and stuff. And don't forget to burn them kilo joules, gurrrl. Secondly, thank you for having so many 'budget friendly' tips for 'poor people' who want good nails (ie 'budget manicures' for only $ 25/week (or 1300 bucks a year), nail studio tools for home use ($ 500) or long lasting nail polish for $ 56 a bottle). As if this even matters? The nail polishes you see in my cupboard have a total value of NIL. Also, I still paint my nails myself (if I find the time between work and nothing) and I have NEVER EVER seen anyone who considers a human being worthless because of the chipped nail polish. Besides the bunch of fast-forward 21st century independent and hyper judgemental women who work at women's magazines. If I had that much power and influence, I would use it to empower people and make them realise that all these products and programmes that you are presented (or confronted) with in magazines have NOTHING to do with your supposedly bad complexion/cellulite/split ends whatsoever. It's just a way to keep publications profitable (and the beauty, fitness and pharma industry) ALSO I would ban all the  "how to get HIM HOT and his EX JEALOUS" articles, that motivate women to turn against each other, only to contribute to the rivalry we have been taught is good since we were kids.

That said: Good night!