February 19, 2012

Day 19: Chimera

I know what you're thinking, is this a cat or a dog? The body is a dog's, the face is a cat's. I am so confused.

Turns out Dan used to read Japanese kid's books that have funny drawings and weird statements in them. I suppose that sort of shaped some of his funky views on live. An example: This shit:

So these 'building' are nice and clean 'homes' chickens lay eggs for people like you and me. Nice and clean, huh?

Great stuff!!! So that's why Dan doesn't get why I spend triple the money on organic free range eggs.

Anyway, having a great couple of days down with the Aussie part of the family. Had lunch with all the nanas and pops and aunties and uncles and my mum-in-law made the most amazing caramel tarte! Yummy!

Also looking into a new collar, inspired by the aztec print trend that has finally reached high street.

Now: more booze!
Good night everyone!