February 17, 2012

Day 17: Do it yourself. Or do it to yourself.

Yes, I did it! I bought some felt today and sat down after work (after watching the new Underworld which was awesome and bloody and violent!) to make this little number. Fuck, I'm not gonna lie, it took me ages to finish it and I can only hope I get some more motivation and time off work to start making a sequined one.

STEP 1: Bring the shape of half a collar on paper and then cut it. I chose a simple and thin shape, but will do a bigger one for my next creation.

STEP 2: Fold over the felt and pin the paper on it. Make sure the middle of your future collar is pinned onto the part that is folded over. Otherwise...you know...it sorta falls apart and stuff.

STEP 3: Cut it! FUN!

STEP 4: Spread the masterpiece and pretend it's a moustache for about half an hour, speaking with a spanish accent. Grab a poncho and sombrero, if available. Then proceed to the next step.

STEP 5: Get out all your crafty hidden treasures. I planned on studding but the felt is too thin and I also didn't get any nice studs. I decided to use the white satin bows and pearls.

STEP 6: Lay your pattern down flat first. I know this is sucky and boring and takes a lot of time, but will help you heaps in the end. It's about symmetry, counting how many beads/pearls/sequins you need and helps you visualise the end product. Very important if you are going to spend the next 2 hrs of your life creating it. 

STEP 7: I used plastic pearls and created a pattern with the different sizes. I laid the pattern down flat on the ground so while sewing them onto the collar, didn't have to worry about what bead to pick up next. I pretty much just lined them all up on a string and sewed the first and last one of each side onto the collar, then worked my way back doing a few stitches for each bead. It's time consuming, but I didn't want the damn thing to fall apart straight away.

STEP 8: The time between this and the previous shot sums up to about 3 days and 15 hrs. Or so. Anyway, I'm very happy with the outcome. I particularly like the way, the beads are not following the shape of the collar, but create a slight 'zig-zag' shape down the bottom. YAY. To get it around my throatster, I sew a silver chain on it. I will, however, remove it again and just use a thick satin band instead, because the chain will eventually rip the felt, having to carry all the weight of the beads.

yeah, that's ma throat!!!

Hope you enjoyed that! Fuck,  it was a lot of work!!

I had a hectic day at work with my key breaking in half when I  was attempting to open the door this morning. I sorta got it open, but it was all crazy and half a key is now stuck in the lock and the repair costs like a grand or something. But hey...dodgy door, dodgy key and NOT dodgy employee!
I'm going down to CAS CAS tomorrow, to see the in-laws and watch a comedy show. Very excited, besides having to get up at a ridiculous hour to pack before work. It's only a day, but packing for day trips is worse than packing for overseas holidays. I always forget stuff like phone and other chargers, toiletries (always forget my shaver, hairy beaver much?) and sufficient clothing.

Good night!!!