February 22, 2012

Day 22: A parking ticket, a new pair of shoes and the muppets

This morning after I parked my car on the same spot I have  been parking for over a month now, something quite random happened to me. At 7 in the morning people tend to keep to themselves and even the conversation-loving citizens of Australiana lack attempts of small talk. This morning, however, was different. After I had parked and locked my car, a woman dressed in corporate wear was asking me, if I ever get tickets for parking my car at that particular spot.
My response: 'Never, I have been parking my car there for the last 2 months and never got a ticket'.
Our conversation continued for about 2 minutes and we where discussing the lack of parking spots and how Brisbane city council sucks and how many drunks hang out at the bus stop.
Anyway, on the way to the bus I felt quite uncomfortable about leaving my car at that particular spot (Note: I park there from 7 am, officially it's only a park from 8 am on). And what the FARK to I have to come back to after a 10 hr shift? A PARKING TICKET, GODDAMNIT!!!
How is that for karma and intuition, please? I mean, seriously!! Who ever experiences something as weird and annoying as that? It's like I'm caught in a Will Ferrel movie or something.

So here are a few questions you can dwell over while you digest the important messages people share with you on facebook or whatever other time wasters you frequent online...:
Has anything like that ever happened to you? Do you reckon I should've knocked on wood after I said 'NEVER' and that that would've changed fait? Do you reckon the respectably dressed lady was a spy for Brisbane police? Am I damned to live a life in poverty? And the most important question: Are you gonna shout me 50 bucks so I can pay the fee?

Now: Look at me and be jealous of my fabulous life!

granny meets punk rock meets high fashion meets high street. I bought these for 0,- pesos.

V-legged granny loafer wearing carrot

Oh, I wish I would've had some sort of a hairdresser sister/mum/best friend who could've taught my retarded little hands how to braid/part/brush/straighten/curl hair properly. Look at this shit. Ahahaha. And I went ot work with that on my head. Ahahahaha..

photographs from the 20ies. 400 pages of retro-geniality and pencil skirts.

my Venice backpack, still ful with stinky clothes from my weekend away. How good are the rabbit ears??

Ok. So now I'm watching the Muppets movie and it's so much cheap flipping fun!
There is no other show that could get away with talking tomatoes and singing blackforest cakes!!
And to end this day with at least one worthy picture:

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