February 12, 2012

Day 12: Disconnecting

Yes, SaltnPeppa is definitely worth taking a photo of

Love me some lazy Sundays, but today I finally got my behind around to leaving the house before 3 pm. Dan and I went to the Valley markets and besides a SHITLOAD of vintage clothes I want ON ME NOW, there was a lot of rubbish around (which, let's be honest, is what makes markets so NAICE!!). Anyway, money is tight and my closet is so full it attempts to power-throw up whenever I open the doors so I left without high waisted bright red 70ies shorts and a beaded Peter Pan collar and filled my belly instead. Ric's is so hipster and all the waiting staff is so sexy and indie and  passive, it's the perfect place to be for a wannabe like me! :) Plus, I danced to Kasabian while ordering and noone seemed to care! Will I be back? HECK yes! Dan came home with this beautiful piece of memorabilia/home decor:

market fiend: Beatles poster with George Harrison wearing a flipping dress!!! How cool is that??? And how sexy was Paul McCartney as a young lad?

I made what seem to be the greasiest Maccaroni and cheese and am now watching Australia's young talent or whatever it's called. Anyway there's girls and boys on there dressed in flouro clothes (today is 80ies theme show, a-ha!) saying they've never heard of Annie Lenox or Eurythmics.They make them dance and shake their bums and sing the lyrics to 'sweet dreams' (some of them want to use you, some of them want to get used by you). GREAT entertainment. Now - vomitting!

Also great today: A massive shower followed by an even more extreme storm! I love Australian storms. They're tropical, rough, wild and usually very short! I took these photos about 2 mins into the first shower: