February 02, 2012

Day 2: Love me some food

home made marinated steak and jacket potato with fried onion, bacon and cream. No veggies allowed. Made my day!
I am still holding out for the day I start enjoying work again. I've got the post holiday blues and have been doing work a little half-arsed and am really cherishing my days off.
If you would have asked me to cover a shift about 2 months ago, I wouldn't ve hesitated. Now I am most likely to say "No, gotta hit the gym", or "No, I'm off with the hubster" or something.
Pretty much lacking motivation and am not really keen on money. I haven't had a look through any clothing or accessorie shops yet since I'm here and I'll be more than happy to work a couple more hours, if I see a skirt or a dress that I want ON ME!!

A lady on the bus this morning (at 7:30 AM, goodness gracious!!) whipped me with her crusty plastic hair extension. I was about to smack her, it was so agetating! She was full on trying to 'mark her territory' but the gal must'nt have realised that with around 300 people on a bus there is no such thing as a comfort zone. Whore-ay. What a great start in the day!

Work went super slow and when I was done at 5 PM, I was really looking forward to going home and reading a few pages on the bus. (current read: 'Lunar Park' by Bret Easton Ellis). I found myself stuck inbetween what seemed to be 10 fortysomethings in suits in the "strictly no standing" area of the bus. I was 10 cm away from both the bus driver and 3 from the wind screen. (Oh and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you,  Sir Mister busdriver, for breaking real hard, so my head smashed against either said wind screen or some guy's armpit. I felt so safe!) I tried to small talk, but everyone seemed really pissed off so I just concentrated on the pain in my heels (from standing all day), that got worse after every turn (trying not to touch anyone on a wonky as bus when everyone is stuffed into it like canned sardines requires a lot of balance and willpower!) I had a brief conversation with this one guy in a flouro vest until he got out his Dostoevsky and I thought talking about working in retail/being married/not having studied yet/how it stinks in this bus/how the driver is an asshole weren't quite apporpriate in presence of someone, who reads Dostoevsky in his down time on a cramped bus. So for the rest of the trip, I shut up and enjoyed the few (arm pits).
My adventurous bus ride was followed by more awesome activity (that is: limping to the supermarket). I had a nice chat with a junior working at the till. After he had bagged up all the junk I bought (about 6 kilos of jelly beans and doritos in comparison to 1 bag of plums and a red and green capsicum) he asked me if I was hungry.

You know you have to change something if the sixteen year old boy at Woolies who makes ten bucks an hour is making fun of you!

I'm gonna go dwell in self pity in a bath tub filled with doritos and pretzels now.
You should go to bed!
Good night!