February 05, 2012

Day 5: stuff - me love you long time!

Hey hooohoohoooO!

I am sweating my limbs off! It's so freaking hot in Brisbane today (34 degrees and rising). The UV death rays (fuck you, sunburn!!) are holding me back from leaving the house so I have to occupy myself indoors. Since there's no chance of me getting anywhere near the TV thanks to the existence of an Xbox I will actually attempt to sit down and take a step further towards the finish line of my journalism coures. I haven't touched anything even related to it in approx. 3 months and my motivation is below zero but hey, I'm not a quitter after all (and Dan paid good money for it, so it would be a waste not to finish it).

To make life a bit sweeter I have had a quick photo stroll through the house to show you what makes my day...
new work shoes in purple!

necklace collar I bought with my $ 25 weekly spending money last week. It's a lighter version of the peter pan collars and you can wear it with loose tank tops as well as sweaters and shirts in winter! WIN!!!

destiny struck while I did the dishes this morning and sortet our next travel destination - Thailand it is! (After Japan, of course!) :)

best EUR 3.50 ever spent!!! Little Venice man, me love you long time

our friends Kurt and Jess came over for a BBQ and we found this sleek bottle in the kitchen. I figured it's the perfect staple item for your liquour cabinet! You can server your guests the shittiest, cheapest booze in the world but make it look like a million dollars! WINNING!!! (PS: how hideous but fabulous are our kitchen tiles?)

 On a side note our fucking car rego bill (for one car) is a whopping 800 dollars. Left aside the $ 54 in my savings account I have absolutely NO (and I mean NO!) money for the next 4 weeks for food, fuel, phone, bills or leisure until I saved up 750 more Pesos. I hate being poor!!! To donate, please leave a comment with your credit card details! Thank you!