February 06, 2012

Day 6: Louis

Say hello to Louis, who was hiding in the junk mail today:

I was sweating my tits off and pretty much felt like sleeping all day. But I got one step closer to finishing my course, YAY! Lucky for me my next assignment is a travel piece, meaning I can use my own holiday as inspiration. I'm still deciding between Prague and Venice, but am thinking Venice will be more commercial and easier to sell. Very stoked on life again!
I skipped my work out but will get my butt kicked tomorrow night, as I'm working out with a beautiful girl I used to share a workplace with. She only joined the gym last week but went straight into a boxing class (not for lazy bums like me...) so I'll see how much of a loser I, dedicated Pilates and Yoga lover, am compared to her :)

My dear husband wrecked his shoulder during his MMA class and is now zonked off muscle relaxers. Ah, such an entertaining and amusing sight!

In January 2010 I met two guys in a backpacker in Queenstown on NZ's South Island. Canadian guy Aaron became friends with Stephen from England and they had a rental car. Good for me every backpacker is broke and wants to share fuel costs, so they ended up giving me a lift from Queenstown to Christchurch. We got along so well that we three shared a hostel room for the next week in Christchurch and I remember getting drunk a lot! Fun times. Without wanting to go into detail (and if you want to hear details, you have to go through my blog archive) we had a blast on our little road trip and the two kept entertaining me with insider jokes and that godawful Twighlight soundtrack they were blasting for 8 hours non-stop.
Why am I talking about this today, you're probably thinking right now. Well, the reason is the following: The two kept saying the word "hwhiskey" and "hwhat" and each time went into a giggling frenzy, leaving the other two girls that went with us and me clueless. Now, because I am married to a pop culture addict he kindly introduced me to "Hot Rod" the other day. Turns out that movie is the origin of above mentioned joke. I'm a fan of Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island and this movie makes me laugh so much. Here are the mentioned 'hwhiskey' scene and some other favourites. You should stop whatever you're doing right now, grab a beer and watch these over and over again!