January 09, 2012


Ahhh, Berlin! Our juvenile naivity tricked us into believing, that after a night out we'd still have enough energy for a bus tour around the city in the morning. We had the most body harming but fun shindig at Jason 'Schnauzer' Humphries work, a handsome, happy man Dan and I used to share a house with in Brisbane. He now works at Belushi's, an excellent place to get drunk of Jäger for real cheap and speak languages of all kinds to people of all nationalities. It is also ideal for Austrians who go to Berlin, without wanting to meet any Germans (Y'know, it's like Aussies and Kiwis. Same but different). The next day, after the damage we had done to our bodies had become apparent, we needed a back up plan. We couldn't leave without having seen any of the city. So instead of a guided bus tour, we drove around in our own bus a bit to see the Siegessäule (Dad calls it the 'Loveparade square' haha, cute!), Reichstag, Holocaust Memorial, Alexanderplatz and Brandenburger Tor and then made sure to get our rotting bodies out of Germany and back home. Today: On a rehydration mission!