January 10, 2012

mood board 2011

sources: stylebubble, Elin Kling, Miss Pandora, Bonnie Strange, Studded Hearts, Asos, Booooooom
I'm a liar. I don't actually have a mood board. Blame it on my landlord. She doesn't even let me bluetack shit to the walls and I am miles away of being able to put a nail in the wall and put a board on that nail. I am, however, one of the many 'right click save image here' practitioners and here are a couple of  photos I saved on my netbook. There are about 2000 on my actual computer at home but these ones are pretty rad too! You'll recognise the fashion blogs, if you are obsessing over Google Reader as much as I do. How cool is that backpack though?? Also started to look around for foam skulls so I can turn this beaded 'Dia de los muertos'-skull into a big DIY project. Getting crafty with it!!

Anyway, I am currently sitting around at home, doing a lot of washing and starting to pack for our last trip of this epic and picturesque holiday: VENICE!!! Wipe down them gondolas, we're coming!!!
If it's only half as beautiful as people say (and not as smelly as people say either) it will be a blast. We got a 4* Hotel suite with a whirlpool on the grande canal for € 120 (instead of € 540!!!), so even if the sights are disappointing (which I HIGHLY doubt!), we can just chill out in our very own spa, while overlooking the city. And did I mention they offer a free breakfast in bed option? Woooohooo! Sexy times!!!