January 29, 2012

Good bye you fucks!

I have cleaned out the crowd.
Yeah, I stole that line from a Cosmo article or something I read today. ha ha.

No but seriously, it's 2012 and I am doing hectic Yoga and eating healthy and being mindful and I am not, NOT going to hang around with toxic people anymore.
I have decided that 2012 will be my year!
And you can't work on a desk that is full of rubbish! You have to make space first. That totally implies on my life. I am taking out the (white) trash, so I can focus on the people that bring light to my life, rather than beer bottles and racist comments. I will surround myself with people who are in healthy relationships, rather than passive aggressive, miserable partners who drag me down. And people who I can learn form, not just the other way round.

Empowerment is the key word!