January 22, 2012

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Had to indulge in nothingness and sleep today. Had Doritos for lunch. .. pretty sad!
Then I remembered Jawbreaker.
What a great movie! And the fashion! So wrong but so right! I AM SO VIOLET!
Oh my god you guys....vomit everywhere.

I have three days off. That's right - I had six weeks off, worked two shifts and now have three days off. Involuntarily, I need to mention because I am broke as balls. I have no idea what to do with myself without money at my disposal. Gym, I suppose. And maybe getting stuck back into my course I have been systematically avoiding by working 200 hours/week. Boo.

Currently I don't have any of the following items in my house: milk, bread, shampoo + conditioner, meat of any kind, tissues. My financial situation won't allow me to go shopping until I run out of toilet paper, which is probably going to be in two weeks time (I am a toilet paper hoarder, you must know!). Will be living off flour and bread crumbs until then!

Again vomit.
This isn't getting any better.
Good night!