January 27, 2012

hello, it's the 27th!

Wow, today really sucked.
It sucked for so many people too. I think I'm going to declare the rest of this month 'sucks balls days'.
It sucked too much to even get into detail, but here's a list of things that DIDN'T suck today:
found two gecko eggs and stored them on a tissue bed. hopefully they hatch

Un-dangle necklaces and dwell over how pretty some and how tacky others are :)

display my favourites (see the packman one? a gift from ma lovaa!!)

yes! love me some statement jewellery

bruise starts healing! finally!! people at work constantly ask me about it. It's so big and swollen you can see it through my tights. Can't wait till it's gone. (Btw: I bumped into the bed frame while making the bed. No kinky or shocking story behind that one!)

picked out a few pairs for my lovely goddaugther to wear for a party tomorrow. She picked the gold glitter  peeptoe heels right down the back and the ones up the front as 'back ups' :) So cute!!!
Good night!