January 06, 2012

me no speak html

totally unrelated pictures to this post. I just love how in Prague the shop windows of jewellery stores look like the most expensive bargain bins ever. Main focus on putting as much stuff out there, so people fall into a rush and buy their children's yearly school fees worth of jewellery. Thank god there are so many casinos around, so you can easily win your money back. Or gamble away the rent money too. Maybe that's the reason there are so many homeless beggars in Prague. Just a thought.....

My fam and I will leave for Hamburg tonight. Dad's gonna do one of his crazy superhuman stunts of 1000 km driving in one night, with lots of coffee and most likely lots of arguments with my mum to keep him going. Very excited! Today I slept and slept. Also in the morning I had to finish what has been haunting me for the last 3 years - the company webpage. I have designed the layout and finished the photography part (it took me almost two days to photograph all the products!!) but have no idea whatsoever on putting it into html and making it all work. Linking stuff - wtf? So I have tried to make my parents realize that I don't have a clue about this whole thing but they sort of seemed to think I'm just lazy. It was only today that I could convince them to let a pro do the work. Success!!! Now hopefully the thing is up soon  so I can lay this very topic to rest. Forever.  :) On a side note I spent € 55 on magazines yesterday. Boredom, a full wallet and waiting for the bus don't really mix. shute. Oh and another thing: My mum got me my very first proper watch today. Feeling very grown up now. Already seeing myself running around like Mr Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. NO TIME, I'M LATE! I'm late I'm late I'm late!!!!!!