August 11, 2013

10 reasons JULY was AWESOME!!!

The urge to write felt like a burning sensation pounding underneath my fingernail these past four days. I have been on the road, working and flying and while taking delirious photographs (see below post) in strange hotel rooms on zero hours sleep and loading them up on hotel wifi was an option for posting, I couldn't get myself to start typing this post on my little smart phone.

July was too amazing to be wrapped up in a poorly edited post. There was adventure, family visits, lots of fuzzy warm emotions, studio albums and anticipations, baby holding sessions, mind blowing work outs and little to no spending on little to no value items.

So let's not talk around it for too long, cause I feel like diving head first into the


1) My brother was here
This could easily fill up the other 9 reasons why July was awesome but I think putting it as numero uno will do it justice. I haven't seen him in a year. Yes. That's a muthafucking year my dear friends and I was well overdue for some dry Austrian humor, dialect talk and drinking at ungodly hours. Little did I know we would get up to lots of adventures, while still doing the boring but oh so good home cooking and movie watching and useless topic dissecting which, really, is the definition of quality time. Needless to say I cried like a baby when I had to drop him off at the airport, but who knows..I might see him again sooner than later...

2) Shutting down
Of course I took a week off from work while my bro was over and I have to admit that I enjoyed it almost a little too much. The weeks leading up to this holiday were absolute hell with basically everything going wrong that could possibly go down the toilet (do other people in busy jobs get that? It's like the universe is trying its hardest to prevent you from going on holidays letting loose a shit storm a week or so before...) I had my work phone shut off which sounds like a profanity if you don't have a work phone and don't know what it's like to be on call 24/7. Three days into my holiday I turned it on just to turn it off again straight away because of the horror that were 250 unread emails. So yeah, July was awesome because for one week I didn't get a minor anxiety attack whenever I fell asleep in the afternoon/had a reeeaaally long shower/forgot my phone at home/insert any other scenario in which I could have possibly missed a phone call or not have read an important email.

3) Mt Tamborine
I've never been. Have you? HAVE YOU? It was one of my life goals to take one of my family members somewhere a Kookaburra would unleash its ridiculous monkey-like song and we could laugh at it for being such a weirdo and I achieved just that and much more at Mt Tamborine. There were waterfalls, muddy walk ways, jungle, amazing look outs and evil turkeys hiding away. You said you're dying for photos so here you go! ONE!

At sea world, admittedly. I know...sea world is a cruel outlet for ruthless commercialism of entertainment hungry humans who are into animal abuse. I just wanted to see a shark, ok! OK! I feel quite bad for going there after seeing this trailer.... Ah well, I suppose it has made it into my July awesome list for a) being amazing because I saw a shark and b) being amazing because I now know that there is not just a great documentary out there ready to be watched but that it is also completely immoral to go back to sea world ever again. And hey, it was pretty crowded anyway.

5) Beach frolic
I spent an afternoon at the beach, climbing slippery rocks, collecting shells, gazing at the millions of fresh oysters attached to stone. It's what I imagine a Saturday afternoon would have been like if I grew up in this marvelous country. I even saw dolphins splashing in the ocean. Thinking back to this afternoon, it was pretty much like a self-healing session, better than therapy, but for free and with more sun rays and salty air inhalation.

6) Anniversary
I celebrated three years with this inspirational human.

7) Shopping under control
There is no such thing in my world as "deciding between the two" when I am in a shop and I really like two basically identical items. I would just buy them both, no matter what my bank account says. I feel like such a grown up knowing that in July more often than not I either made a conscious decision of not buying anything, or simply deciding on one item only. This may sound profound to you, but it is quite an achievement for me and made me feel pretty fantastic. On top of that,
I seemingly didn't feel the need for anything more in July than love and a million punnets of strawberries. Except for.....

8) See what the hype is all about
Yes, so I did spend some money on one ridiculous thing that is a MAC lipstick. It's completely unjustifiable. It's not that great. It doesn't last forever as I was promised. Maybe I just have extraordinarily slick lips. So yeah, July was awesome because I finally tested and found out for myself that spending a quarter of your groceries money on lipstick is completely ridiculous and that $ 10 drug store brands can give you. EXACTLY. THE SAME. QUALITY. Expensive or cheap - re-application is completely unavoidable. Lipstick sucks if you're lazy either way.

This month I turned into an IT crowd addict and may or may not have intensified a completely unreasonable (accent is so whack ugh!) girly crush on Chris O'Dowd as well as developed one for Richard Ayoade. I have absolutely no reason to like this series, I can hardly sit through "Peep show" or "Black Books" without cringing and walking away from the TV at least once, but something about IT Crowd has me charmed. On this note: Netflix is THE best thing anyone has ever invented and my favorite TV show and movie repertoire has multiplied in light speed because I can now fill my evenings with awesomeness instead of Big Bang - re runs. Did you see that ludicrous display last night?   ALSOOOO: MOVIE SOON???????

Crisp, isn't it? Taken in Austria 2012, my parents' front yard, rediscovered on my camera.

How the flip has your month been? Did you go on adventurous excursions? Get a sex change? Get tattooed on your private parts? Enter a beauty contest?
What other amazing things are there to do in this world????

Aaaaaaand... I'm out.