July 29, 2013


Around five years ago now (this lady's getting old!) I visited the Cote d'Azur for the very first time. It was a pretty tumultuous time in my life (well really, I worried A LOT about my dress size back then) and I didn't quite soak in as much of the beautiful landscape, narrow streets and French "savoir vivre" as I should have. Reason enough to go back sooner rather than later.
France is such a beautiful place on this Earth ball and seems so untouched by a lot of the Americanism that other countries have so naively embraced, without realising how much of it would consume their own culture. What is often confused with arrogance is most likely just an attempt to preserve the French way of life, their fashion, their landscape, traditional manufacturing processes and of course their language (and pastries....oh French pastries...)

Antibe's population is currently somewhere around 75000, there are 48 beaches surrounding the town and well..it's ridiculously beautiful and looks just like out of a fairy tale.
Put on bucket list. Now photos. From where I'd rather be.

(all images via pinterest/google)