July 16, 2013

Meghan Howland

All photos via www.meghanhowland.com

Of all the art forms I must be most envious on people who can paint. The coloring, layering, the knowledge of paint, its consistency and make, the choice of canvas. The feeling of having a blank white surface in front of you and then turn it into something that creates emotion in other people.

I have been thinking a lot about balance in my life. Balance and priorities. I'm striving to become this person with lots of possessions and money, when my value should be defined by what actually makes me happy. Possessions don't. Moving my limbs does. Travel does. Writing does. All of these things require no to little possessions to execute. Even travel can be cheap, so just do it already! You'll find that you'll be short on time much quicker than on money.

When I was younger I kept stumbling upon people who put things off, when they had all the opportunity to start things right away. "I'll travel when I have money", "I'll start exercising in Summer", "I'll grow my own veggies when I overcome my phobia of worms". Don't be that person, even if corporate life grinds you down. (Note to self)