July 10, 2013

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Hey, you there!
Yeah, you!
How are you?

I've been on holidays for two and a bit days and have been able to read more and write more and think more than I have in the last 10 months. It's not like I have so much more time, but I feel extremely liberated and able to tackle things I am usually too drained to do. It's safe to say I need to take off that crazy heavy work-rucksack every now and then and just do stuff I enjoy. Rucksack. Hehehehe. I enjoy the sound of that word. 

As always some of the things I have consumed online was of pretty questionable content - when will people ever get sick of talking about clothes and beauty products and weight? It BORES me into a charmed snake kind of mesmerized sleepy state. Seriously it's JUST appearance! I enjoy dressing up like the next guy and am not going to stop posting occasionally about fashion (there is a post lined up as we speak) but there is only so much you can say about skirts and pores and cellulite. It should be something that accompanies our lives, not the only thing we let it evolve around. Let's talk aspirations, empowerment, art, personalities, dating, funny stuff, and how amazingly versatile the human brain is instead! Experiences, not things! If you think you'll make a difference in the world by being a female who can put together bottoms and tops then all the best on your quest to mediocrity. "Hey, I have a closet full of clothes! Let's play!" - is basically all a talking Barbie was programmed to say when I was a kid 15 years ago. It bored me 15 years ago. For me it's completely unacceptable that we haven't learned anything from that same Barbie you'll find in a shabby cardboard box for a buck at a garage sale. It baffles me why a large part of the female population aspires to be a disposable face on a photograph with a 10-word witty caption and a "where-to-consume" - link underneath, when there are SO many more interesting hurdles to tackle. We have brains, not just legs and it's about time we believed that ourselves.

So yeah, what's been kicking online?

Menstruation - now that I've got your attention: A male music critic finds himself feeling extremely violated by a punk rock woman pretending to menstruate on stage (it's pretend, man. you don't bleed out of your nipples). Because eww...vaginas. Hilariously written by what must be my new favorite female in the world besides my Mommy, Erin Gloria Ryan over at Jezebel.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel are my favorite pretend celebrity couple and I am not sure why I was oblivious to the existence of this video until this week.

GALA shared why dancing naked in front of strangers is one of the best things you can do for your self-confidence. This brought happy tears to my eyes. She most certainly is my spirit animal.

If you enjoy seeing celebrities cry, click the link to see why Dustin Hoffman was incredibly saddened by his own superficiality. I don't know if I like him now or think he's a big old butt for blaming "the system" for his arrogance. But anyway, if it raises just a little awareness I am happy.

Dollar dollar bills: This is a great article on how to properly ask for more money during a job interview. Seriously, people are so scared of asking for adequate compensation. They don't know what they're worth.

A lesbian woman was killed by "corrective" rapists in an attempt to change her sexual orientation and I am trying not to cry-vomit in disgust.

Checking out other people should be totally fine in any relationship, married or not married. Unpopular opinion, yes yes. Fact is: If you're insecure about your partner's or your own fidelity, because they think someone else is hot, you should probably hit the relationship toe quicker than I can say "lap dance" and also get in touch with reality.

I enjoyed reading this piece on college celebrity.

Ellen Page is an awesome feminist human and she likes porn (yay!)

HOW TO: Color blocking the exciting way. Dreamy fairy tale goodness. (more where that came from)

 And another completely amazing artist I need to link

Fog everyone. How one person put two years of his life into doing something that most likely doesn't get him famous or rich. Admirable. I miss my patience and gratitude.

Happy Wednesday, my dear readers.
Now excuse me while I play Rayman with my friends in four player mode and eat greasy snack food.