July 02, 2013

The good news is...

Oh my lovely readers. A miracle has happened!
After a quarter of a year of awkward typos and even more awkward formatting I can now start to fix up 3 months worth of posts, as well as work on some more ultra top quality (!!!!) posts. I have a computer back. A fully functional, brand new, touch screen, photo shop supporting, metallic pink computer. My old one will be missed. Our love was deep, but it was too intense to last.

I have a journalism course to finish (ugh....that is, if it hasn't expired yet. Self-paced is a pretty treacherous concept) and a few other amazing things to do (that is ONE thing, hang out with my amazing long-lost brother I haven't seen for almost a year now!!!)

So uhm...so...
Where am I getting at again?

What did you say? Let Josh Homme speak? Agreed.