May 01, 2013

10 reasons April was awesome!

Oh man, is it seriously May?
It scares me to think we are almost half way through the year, seeing as I haven't figured out much in the last four months. To be fair, one must have designated things to figure out before he can start doing so, which in my case is not really the case. Oh adulthood. You confuse me so much.

Seeing as it is May which my body associates with spring but my head and surroundings do with autumn, I am yet again in a confused state in which I ponder over fitness regimes (summer body which is actually winter body which should be all year body) and indulge in a bit of the old 'shopping summer collections online but then closing the browser before putting in the payment details' Spiel. I worked a lot this past month and there was some serious drama at work which put me off track a bit, but some great things happened too, some great things were said and done and that's why April was a good month after all. Thanks again for bearing with me in this computerless time, too. I get very frustrated about posting with the use of my tablet only, since it doesn't let me put photos where I want them and formatting altogether is a bit of a nightmare. I promise once I have my trusted VaIo back all of these things will get fixed and stitched. ('trusted' is not the most adequate adjective, since it broke after only 8 months).

Adieu April. Here are 10 reasons why you were awesome!

1) Visitors from strange lands

My beloved brosef booked his Australia flights mid April and I was crying happy tears when I found out. I haven't seen my family since September last year and the last time I had my brother visit was in 2011, a time when I had no work permit and hence no job/income and we basically just chilled out like a pack of bums. This time, though, he can get ready for some serious action and adventure. It will be the third time he is going to visit me and he is also the only family member, besides my cousin, who has ever visited me. Time to get all the other ones over too :-)

2) Birthday boy

It was Dan's 30th birthday and we had an amazing weekend, celebrating, eating and drinking like there was no tomorrow. I am not one to get all lovey-dovey but man, I sure do love this boy's company. He looks like a yummie toy-boy, with the wisdom and intelligence of a 30 year old and when I boiled my hand the other day he didn't leave my side until he was 100 % sure I was ok, all while laughing at me for trying to wash my hands under the hot water tap. I mean. I mean. I mean. Heart-eyed.

3) Coheed and Cambria gig

I am a concert goer body and soul, I love the excitement of getting ready and driving to a gig, lining up at the door and checking out the rest of the crowd, the different people who unite and become on big family. It's one of the most interesting opportunities of social observation I can think of. I didn't know what to expect from Coheed and Cambria and I certainly stood out in my heels and a little coloured dress in the midst of a crowd who dressed in uniforms of black pants and shirts. Although feeling a bit out of place I thoroughly enjoyed every second of being there, meeting the band, the support act Circa Survive, the main gig, the crowd etiquette (super well mannered!). And the music does the rest. I have hardly seen any band play their instruments like Coheed did, that is with passion and expertise.

4) Human money box

The middle of the year is approaching and it's time to make travel plans, which automatically come with money saving plans. I wouldn't say I lived a lavish lifestyle over the last couple of months, but I certainly could have saved my pennies better. I stopped making my lunch basically a month into starting my new job, which cost me around $ 50/week, all while delicious and healthy food was going off in my own fridge. I stopped using my water filter and started only drinking bottled water (yuck). It's little things like that I caught myself doing and I realised how much hard earned money I spent, how much I contributed to pollution (you question your habits when your recycle bin is full of empty water bottles) and how much unhealthy food I consumed daily. I decided to put more money away on pay day so that I simple wouldn't have any to buy lunch and be more mindful of the groceries I bought. Oh, and I have started putting change into my piggy bank again. It's amazing how much less tempted you are to buy coffee/bubble tea etc, if there is no change in your wallet!

5) Enjoy the home cooked

Until a few weeks ago I didn't think I could cook. I still can't, but I figured out that I, at least can successfully follow most recipes!!!! It's the holy grail to saving money, man. Takeaway not only chews up your intestines, but also your bank account with $ 20 (McDonalds)  - $ 40 (Pizza delivered). And I never thought I would say this, but, I quite enjoy cooking. 'Hides her face like an embarrassed teenage boy who farted in class'. Seriously, as long as you have some basic ingredients (basic = cheap), it's quite simple to make your own dinner every night. Come on now, don't be such a lazy grub!
I have also made a serious effort of having at least one meat-free day per week. As per a vegan girl whose identity I won't reveil (omg suspense is at breaking point, right?) just one meat-free day per week for a year spares the lives of 52 animals. I have to check the facts but the naive belief alone makes me eat less meat. Yes, bacon is meat in case you're wondering. It's unfortunate but true.

6) When you got the beach

Living in proximity of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world doesn't mean I always get to enjoy it. I can count the amount of times I have seen the beach this year on one hand. I often fail to appreciate the beauty that's the closest to me and that's precisely why I need a wake up call from time to time. Dan and I went on a night adventure this month, we drove down to the Gold Coast for dinner and then walked it off at the beach. It was a magical night with stars glimmering in the sky and the full moon reflecting in the swaying sea. We stood on the pier and gazed into the black ocea for what seemed to be forever. There is a sense of peace and clarity the ocean awakens in me and that's a very welcome change to my usual mindset.

7) I recycled a skirt
Yes, yes you only just read about this but I am genuinely proud with having spent that much time and effort on something I could have just bought somewhere. You know. Save myself the trouble of making it. I will admit I went to bed thinking I would never be able to wear it, but thanks to the forgiving jersey fabric it just smoothed itself around my hips like we were made for each other. There are a lot of hit and miss projects yet to come, but I certainly enjoy sewing and the process of creating something from scratch or recycling an unloved piece.

8) TV awesomeness
I started watching 'Arrow' this month. The recipe for success is definitely a ripped guy who is mainly topless and a glamorous story intertwined with puzzling flash backs, deserted islands, strong femald lead characters and abs. Again. ABS. Goose bumps.
I also watched the fifth season of Adventure Time and I can say the weirder it gets, the better it gets. If you're a fan and you haven't seen it yet prepare yourself for some seriously absurd endings to basically all episodes and many "WTF?" moments.

9) Treats
Aldi started permanently stocking yet another amazing European treat - Knoppers!! I was so excited I posted a status about it on facebook! Can I hear a "laaaame"? Next time you end up at the supermarket of my trust, buy one of these delicious chocolate/milk creme/hazelnut wafers. I used to love them as a child and I still have to control an urge to eat all of them at once!

10) Tegan and Sara gig

UGH! It was amazing! It was hands down the best gig I have been to since seeing Kimbra last year. The crowd was lovely and while their support act was a little boring, their gig made me forget all about it. They really have some incredible vocal skills and can play multiple instruments well, but it was the way they connected to the audience that made the show extra special. I am swooning over their charming stories, stylish outfits and beauty ad-esque immaculate faces. They rewarded the audience with a lenghty set, an intimate acoustic encore, which included some serious crowd-involvement and a few crazy emotions going through my brain, trying to make their ways out through my wet eyeballs. Bottom line: I laughed, cried, danced, smiled, sang, shook my hair, stood on my tippy toes to see better and I will most certainly buy a ticket again for future shows.

5 songs I was addicted to in April:

Frank Ocean - Pyramids
Tegan and Sara - Walking with a ghost
Arctic Monkeys - When the sun goes down (still a smashing album)
Queens of the Stone Age - My God is the sun
The Rubens - My gun

So tell me, boys and girls: How was your April? Did you get fooled on the First? Spanked on the Second? Did you watch too many Wes Anderson movies like me? Not that there is such a thing as too many....