April 29, 2013

Hand made

About three weeks ago I started unpicking a very old jersey skater skirt I had never worn.
It disappeared underneath my office desk until last night, when I decided that watching all episodes of "Arrow" in one hit isn't going to make me feel fulfilled once I hit the bed at night.

I have been dreaming of this white Zara skort number but unfortunately there isn't a Zara in Brisbane yet and they don't ship internationally.
So what can one do, when one cannot have what one's heart desires?

CRAPPY DIYS por vida or something.

Now I have to stress that my sewing skills and more so my tailoring skills are rusty, the latter being non-existant and that I used a PU skirt as a helpful tool for pattern making, which is about the most wrongest (grammar aaah) fabric you could choose to make a pattern for a jersey skirt.

So here's what I did in a few simple steps:

1) Completely unpick your original garment: I unpicked the waistband, zipper and all the different parts of the skirt.
2) Stencil your end product - I didn't make a proper pattern because of lack of utensils/patience but this helped a great deal. Still if you have the time please please do up a proper pattern first!
3) Cut out all elements of your end product - leaving 1 - 2 cm in order to neatly sew it in at the end
4) Sloppily hand sew all pieces first - trust me when I say that unless you are a master tailor, you cannot skip this time-consuming and boring task. Actually, both my grandmas are master tailors and still hand sew everything first. Good things take time
5) Machine sew all parts and unpick the other thread - the one you used when hand sewing everything
6) Try on the product and take a selfie, the post on instagram

The whole process made me realise how dependant my generation is on instant gratification. I struggled with finishing this project, because the reward of seeing the end product was hours and hours away. It's time for me to move away from "Buy it now", "takeaway" and "sale ends soon" I think.