April 28, 2013

New in

It was when I had put enough money into my savings account, to buy two return flights to Austria, that I felt like treating myself to a new wardrobe addition. Man, I saved money like it was going out of fashion. And then, just 10 minutes after paying for this baby, I get an $ 800 insurance bill. I know what you're thinking. Life's a beach.

Main motivation to buy this asymmetric printed skirt was a leather top that already existed in my closet and a Tegan and Sara concert on Tuesday. I needed something nice to wear. Let me rephrase. I wanted something nice to wear. Anyway, as much as I like the skirt I feel as though I am exploring unsafe waters with a body con ultrashort number. I can flash people in a maxi dress. Imagine what a mini skirt will inevitable lead to.

Skirt from Latin Clothing company. Excuse the changing room photo.