April 14, 2013

Fashion week vs high street week

I lied. There is no such thing as high street week. I made it up.
To be fair every week is high street week. Something something. Sad tired talk.

I enjoyed fashion week photos, some ladies I envy, some I laugh at. You know. Such is life. Some girls just try too hard, hey.
I am very intruiged to say the least, by this particular UNIF pinafore leather dress a mystery lady is wearing below. Sold out goodness, kind of reminds me of the leather aprons butchers usually wear. Kind of creepy. Kind of cool. Thin straps and all.

Collection favourite so far must be aje. I mean. Powdery colours. Delicate texturing. What else do you need? All photos are via their instagram account @_aje_ and asos.
Check them out yo.