April 14, 2013


Oh Jesus, what a crazy week and a half.
I was so lonely on day three of my business trip I danced through Woolworths and sang to Jamiroquai's "Little L". Old ladies shook their heads at me, which was sufficient human interaction to prevent my heart from turning into stone.

I got bitten by a mosquito all night long, I scratched my body like a dirty hobo all day long and then went on the craziest plane ride of my life. Safe to say I was convinced I wouldn't make it to Brisbane. I already rehearsed a 'sole survivor of horrific plane crash' speech to sensationalist media in my head. I held onto the book I tried to read so hard I sweated through the top page. No jokes. I did make it home in the end. Sweaty. With legs shaking, making it hard to go down a set of stairs. Feeling very spent. I called Dan straight after the flight and found a quiet corner where I could shamelessly swear my heart out while he just laughed at me. Oh man. Life's not fair. But it sure is entertaining.

Anyways, now that I am alive and frolicking through the Queen's land with the sun shining and all I thought I should stop by here. Cough. Cough. How is everyone?
What are you wearing, eating, reading at the moment???
I am currently making my way through 'WULTHERING HEIGHTS', a classic I really quite enjoy, not just because it's one of the very few classics by a female author but also because the story is intriguing from page one and doesn't need to 'warm up'. Give it a shot if you haven't yet. I also bought some clothes and took a photo of them. Woahhhh. For details check out the old instagram.

And I also celebrated my husband's 30th birthday this weekend. It was a deluxe food, drink and pleasure edition of a birthday weekend, I tell you that much. Dan and I are both physically and mentally exhausted after that much fun!!!
Thanks to everyone who made it happen!!!

Coachella is on at the moment and I am a bit disappointed/disgusted at the fact that none of the people I follow on instagram seem to have seen a band play. I now know what they are wearing, but god knows who they're looking forward to see??? Better question is do they even know that it's a music festival, or have all the fashion and beauty brands taken over the stages already, with their watered down vodka based beverages and low fat canapes? I mean...seems like every brand has a tent or a party there. No thanks. Coachella is now officially the first task I ever crossed off my bucket list because of disguts rather than successful completion. Now only to figure out which is the second best US music festival and plan out the road trip.

Good night dreamers xx