April 20, 2013

All the pretty fingers

I can't believe I just got sucked into watching "The Voice" for the last 45 minutes. No, what really makes me sad is that I have nothing better to do on a Saturday night than watch reality TV. Am I really one of these people?
To my defense I almost became a deaf person after last night's concert. Will let you know who I saw in tomorrow's post. It was awesome though, but fuck it was loud. And I mean really fucking loud. Probably the loudest concert I have been to in my life.

But moving on to prettier things.
I have just discovered the magic of caviar manicure and glitter manicure.
It's a very strange and unsettling thing for me to know something is on top of my nail, in 3d and all. I feel so incredibly tempted to pick the little balls off. I should work on my OCD.
The glitter one is cool too, except it leaves glitter EVERYWHERE!

I bought these kits from Cosmetics Plus for $ 8 each. Pretty much the best deal you can get. Or you could just buy black nailpolish and order glitter off ebay in bulk. Honestly I don't think it matters what type of glitter you use, as long as you can dip your nail into it.

Seeing as I am trying to save money at the moment and didn't buy my lunch/eat out at all this week, I had a bit of spending money left over ( $ 16 for the only impulse buy during a whole pay period  is pretty good, don't you think) and these manicure sets really awoke my curiosity, as opposed to most beauty products on le marche.
I still had a Colette voucher from my birthday thanks to a very dear friend so I ducked in there on my lunch break today and found some very cute and inexpensive love heart rings.

Oh man, there is this enormous feeling of content and achievement that has accompanied me all week. Cooking good food and going to work energised, seeing live music and having conversations with strangers and laughing with my hilarious husband... Life was very good to me this week, without me investing valuable travel money in a new wardrobe addition (that red cloak though!!!)

Tonight I say Adieu with a big fat heart full of gratitude and a feeling of adult responsibility, that, for a change, actually feels pretty good.