April 05, 2013


Feeling very much like being in Detroit rather than Mack-to-tha-ay at the moment. I got a lift from a staff member's mum last night (I rock!) because I was too scared to walk half a mile or so. Then someone stole a car next to the hotel. Phew.
I always have to remind myself that I slept at a bus stop on two occassions (once in Coffs Harbour, once in Cairns) but roaming the streets of Mackay city by myself at 10 pm was too much to take.
Yesterday was great fun. I flashed about 200 people at the airport because my backpack got friction frisky with my polyester dress. Which is cool. I flashed more people without the help of a backpack before. Awkward was the encounter with a homeless looking lady who came over to tell me that everyone had seen my bum. It was double awkward because I thought she was going to ask me for,money. Whoops. My bad!
I did a 12 hr shift which encluded overhearing school girls calling each other sluts and my junior telling me she gets called a slut on a daily basis, even though she never even had sex. Maybe it's time we acknowledged that 'slut' is not a suitable universal cuss word tailored to every female that walks the planet. In fact it's unsuitable for all females. All humans. I found it extremely confronting to hear these things and kind of sorry for the younger generations. I was never called a slut until I hit the age of 16 or 17 (of course without even engaging in crazy amounts ofintercourse, not that that's a criteria), but these girls and boys are 12, 13 years old. Imagine the pressure and personal conflict?!!!!
I shall go spread the holy word now. Until then. Bye.