April 08, 2012


You may be able to tell that I have too much time on my hands....

But anyway, looking through Zara's online shop to find that leather tank top I saw on Miss Rumi just then (and lemme tell you the search was unsuccessful. Damn blogger priority shopping...) and I found this shirt that is perfection in both colour and shape:

I always fall for this pale pink shade. It clashes with my hair, skin tone and personality but I still love it. via zara.com

I also came across this dress from the new Spring 12 collection and it seems the designers at Zara slightly copied  drew inspiration from the Mary Katrantzou for Topshop lantern dress that made everyone go crazy for reasons I don't understand, as it makes your hips look like a monstrosity and your skinny blogger-turned-model-turned-blogger legs like toothpicks. Even Susie Bobble fell for it. But really,  what do I know. Well...I know that you better not press that 'Buy-it-now' button when you click on the above link if you don't wanna end up homeless...

Which reminds me of a really awkward moment I had with a customer yesterday, when she claimed to have too many pairs of shoes and I told her it's okay to spend all her money on them because even if she ends up homeless, she can always build a house out of shoes.  A house out of shoes. HILARIOUS! Just picture it!!! Ahahaha. So funny. Ahahaha.

She didn't get the joke. Aaaand that's the end of the story. For TODAY!