April 28, 2012

April 28th: migraine talks

Ah, I love the Graham Norton show. Makes even Nicki Minaj seem like a genuinely nice and funny person.
But what I was really really excited about was Rufus Wainright's performance. He is such a talent and I could listen to him talk forever. He's one of those really unpretentious artsy people that don't take themselves too seriously but at the same time still ake sure to let everyone know they are SO MUCH cooler than  me. Love him!

Also I am OBSESSED with theconversation.tv .
It's the thing I look forward to reading most after a long day. There is always an article I can completely and utterly identify myself with. So instead of spending your time on TMZ all day looking at Katy Perry's boobies, hop over to their site and click.

What annoys me at the moment:
Austrian Student Protest because of the re-introduction of study fees. But listen to this: the fees only apply to students who don't finish their degree in time and you only have to pay for the additional semesters or if you aren't a EU-citizen. On top of that the fees are only a ridiculous € 363.36/semester. 
And who the ... is complaining? The exact same peope who ask for MORE money for education. But noone's prepared to fork out even a small percentage of what they spend on their weekly booze binges.
It's this typical Austrian mentality of the 'elite' to complain but refuse to take action that makes me so angry because it IS SO UNLOGICAL!!. It's a lazy attitude. A loser attitude. Makes me want to vomit.

Onto lighter things I am incredibly looking forward to this movie:
 Michelle Pfeifer, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter. Need I say more?
And I don't care what anyobody says, Tim Burton is a genious for putting the same people in his movies. It's like he created this big family franchise with a great focus on quality and on top of that saves a shitload and can maximize profits because his dear wife always plays the leading lady :)
Also awaiting THE FIVE YEAR ENGAGEMENT (because I'd totally do Jason Segel).
And of course I am looking forward to THE AVENGERS, not only because I am married to a self-confessed nerd but also because I have Captain America protect my middle finger

how good's randomly starting to bleed from your middle finger when you sit on the lounge (?) Am I Jesus?

Also I have ingestes most of my Austrian candy already which resulted in extremly wobbly arms.
My favourite at the moment is (was):

it's chocolate with little SMARTIES INSIDE! Creamy chocolate paste covered in sugar embedded in chocolate? Uhm, how fantastico does that sound to your sweet sweet ears?
 AND Australian Winter is approaching so I am getting a lot of wear out of this overseas purchase (Zara, hero shop!)
button up flanell shirt from Zara, like...12 Euros. And how faded are my tips already? Desperately needs a touch up!

Now I'm gonna do what every sensible 22-year old woman should do on an average Saturday night: Watch Japanese comics in bed.