April 13, 2012

April 13th: Come as you Cobain

WOWZERS, that is some crazy shit happening right there.

Francis Bean Cobain seems like such a beautiful and wise person. That's quite surprising acutally, considering  her Dad was a drug addict who commited suiced when she was 2 and her mother is a drug addict with some sever personality disorders and anger management problems.

She did this shoot with Hedi Slimane a couple of months ago and I really loved it:

I had a shitty day and no time to take photos of my new scarf thingy I got :) It's the size of a small Caribbean island and I have some ideas how to transform it.
Will show you tomorrow.
And plenty more blogging this weekend (I have 3 DAYS OFF IN A ROW!!!)

I love you all my French Fries! Have a good Friday night!!!