April 07, 2012

April 7th: 'I used to use this little gun when I was a prostitute'

It's Easter Saturday and work was killing me. SO many people treating the shop and merch like fucking rubbish - I cannot believe the lack of respect people have for other people's property. Never would I touch anything in a shop with my sushi smeared ice cream sticky hands. Pfui!

Anyway, there are these questions I have been asking myself all day and I have not been able to think of a satisfactory answer, so thought you could help me out:

1) Why are couples holding hands? What is it with this perspiration-producing type of PDA? Don't people feel restricted in their movements? Don't they realise they piss everyone off when they take up the whole walkway? It puzzles me...

2) Why did I have a weird crush on ALF as a girl? Was it the shape of the nose? The cat-eating? Why am I still embarrassed about this?

3) Who is going to watch TITANIC in 3D? Did mankind really need that? What is it with this recylcing-trend in all creative industries at the moment? Who else is disgusted with greedy rich people who are too lazy to work and instead re-release something 20 years after the making of the original so their bank accounts are back in 7 digit numbers? 

That's it. The problems I deal with on a daily basis.

I am watching  'Pineapple Express' and I am NOT feeling it at all. The only reason I am sitting through it is James 'Sexy biest' Franco.
Or maybe I'm just too lazy to change the DVD. 
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I am majorly homesick at the moment.
Au contraire Wanderlust has got me again too. I suppose in my situation the two go hand in hand...
Also I am reading Hunter S Thompson's 'The Curse of Lono' and just the thought of being in Hawaii makes me feel a bit out of place...

I don't need to mention I would NEVER lay down on that hammock. Sharks can jump and stuff..
And once again for your pleasure: Naked woman on sexy ass shark.

Fuck yeah!