April 04, 2012

April 4: # 2. Sexy Black

WHY? - am I broke? Black Milk x Jeffrey Campbell Damsel in Bone Machine via Solestruck
Just as I thought I had gotten over my urge of buying a pair of Litas the new Black Milk x Jeffrey Campbell is ready for pre-order on Solestruck.
Damn it, I really like the look of these bony beauties. Thank god I dress too girly for these. Or do I?

Oh no...let me just try to talk myself out of this. The almost $ 300 on that price tag are probably reason enough...but oh so precious...roar.
Again, and I've offered it many times before:  if you feel I deserve a pair of JCs after all, you can always DONATE! For the sake of my shoe cupboards self-esteem.

And no onto Marni x H&M.
I know, the collection has been out for ages  but seriously, WHY do people buy a hat shaped like a lamp shade?
young lady: 'Ah, look at that fucking hat. Wonder if anyone will guess I was stoned when I designed it'. old lady: 'Ah fuck it, if noone else buys it there's always fashion bloggers who fall for fugly shit' model: 'I should've finished high school'

And the sad part is I HAVE seen it on so many bloggers and they all look ridculous. I just don't understand...Is there really NO sense of aesthetics in the fashion world? It's like people are chasing the weirdest garments to try turning them into the next big thing. Didn't anyone learn from Flavour Flav's mistakes? Noone is wearing wall clocks as necklaces, noone should be wearing lamp shades (unless, of course, you're doing some sort of funny burlesque show and the lamp shade is all you're wearing. I could probably look past that)

Enormous hardness.
Aaaand awkward silence.

Thanks everyone.
Good Nacht.