April 01, 2012

April 1st

Oh there we go. March was a time warp and I am 22 now.
I went to Milford Sound in New Zealand in 2010 and drank from a stream of glaciar water that was supposed to stop me from ageing. Yes, I even filled up a whole 1.5 ltr water bottle with the precious liquid and still I turned 22 and look 22 except for all the pimples I have from eating too much shit and stressing and stuff.

Oh March. Let's do it again next year.
The birthday thing....the clothes shopping thing....the market days and fun times.
The love for everything nebula and the despise of everything aztec print. The Asos experience (to be continued soon!) and the good feedback. The new readers and the old loyals :) I love you all equally.

Now it's April and what's it gonna be this year?
Well, looks like April and I are starting off on bit of a shitty basis. I got the flu. No, wait. I got the flu and am flat out with work this week. I got the flu, no days off and shitloads of bills to pay so have no option but to go to work, abuse my body and poison myself with some Codrals, Aspro clears and Vapo Rub. I actually really like Vapo Rub so that's a PLUS I suppose.

So what is planned for April? Hm...I didn't quite have time to make a list just yet, but I suppose it'll be the same old shit. More gym, less comfort food, more reading, less watching, more doing, less dreaming.

But I DO actually have some 'proper' plans for this month..
More on that tomorrow chickens...