April 22, 2012

April 22nd: Not quite the average day


Sundays: The weirdest days of the week. Doesn't matter if you're in school, at uni or if you're a working class man/woman, Sundays feel the same to everyone.
It's like a shitty mix of "Whoa the weekend was awesome, I got a headache" and "I gotta go to work/school/uni tomorrow and haven't washed my work clothes/uniform, haven't touched my homework/papers/assignments all weekend and am still feeling a bit seedy from all the piss and intercourse with strangers today"

NOT for me people. I have declared the Sunday the ANTI-SHIT day and from now on it'll be treated like any other day in my house. No lazying around, no post-weekend depression, no shitty re-runs on the telly - just productivity and endorphines!!!!

Ok, I'll cut the bullshit.
The only reason I am having this 'go for it' motivation-soaked attitude is because I am so stoked over a present I got: It's a pen pad for my computer on which I can draw silly stuff, like:

 Ahahaha. I clearly CANNOT draw but you know, them's just jokes and it prevents me from watching 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' for the 100th time and then quoting every second sentence for the next 3 weeks.(Which is, uhm, AWESOME I know but really annoys everyone around me. Can you believe it?)

If you now live in fear of this blogasauus getting flooded with unwitty drawings than let me tell you, I am just like a little kid. I get excited about stuff just as quickly as I get bored. But until that boredom sets in I will be taking advantage of my little pen pad pal a LOT! EXCELLENT!

ALSO something I can tick off my 'Make Sunday Anti-Shit' - List today: Spending a little on a lot of fun!!!
$ 2 Dinosaur mask from Kmart. SEE THE CREEPY EYES? Oh yeah, I really gave my all when taking that photo.

AND I also did the washing. Pretty amazing stuff. Ok, ok, usually I wear my pyjamas all day on a Sunday but again, it's ANTI-SHIT day and that's why I am doing household tasks the ANTI-SHIT way.

 I am PRO abusing filters in photo processing programs!
(PS: How good is my 'Glassons' blue-green pleather skirt?)

Muchos besos!!!