April 09, 2012

April 9th: Make up machine

Hello dear fellows.
I hope you all had or are having (depending on the time zone) a superb day! What a charming word. 'Superb'. Ahhhhh Supeeeerb.
As a retail slave I have absolutely NO time to do any sort of shopping, besides the 30 min lunch break freakouts aka 'Storming into shop - grabbing everything you think could look ok  or come in handy- spend your day's pay in 5 mins - running back to your store to have some lunch - hating yourself for having spent that much money on useless crap - realising the store you just bought from doesn't have a refund policy - crying silently '.

Thank god I can always rely on David Jones to be open when I have already locked the doors to my own store. So I went and had a nice chat with the lady in the cosmetics department who was surprisingly nice, compared to the other staff who usually treat me like an arshole, and we whinged about the air con and paid parking and what not and THEN I bought some much needed foundation from her.

I bought David Jone's homebrand and I also went for the Primer.
I have never used Primer before but because so many beauticians recommend it and my difficult-as skin has me touching up my foundation non-stop so I thought I'd try it. 
For anyone who doesn't know what Primer is, it's pretty much just a moisturizing lotion that works as a barrier between your skin and the foundation you put on top. It makes the foundation look more even and prevents oil and other stuff to mix in with your make-up which means less wearing-off and less touching-up. Sounds too good to be true, but I'll let you know how I go anyway.
David Jones Cream Foundation in 'Medium', David Jones Primer
The foundation is well priced at around $ 23 and what I really loved was the simplicity of the colour palette. It usually shits me to tears to buy foundation because I can't really identify myself with shades like 'Gold Beige' or 'Fair Bronze' or 'Dark Nude'. With the David Jones brand the five shades were simply called Fair, Medium, Tan, Dark and Olive. Not much room for error here and lemme tell you simplicity is JUST what I need after a long day at work.

I also *SURPRISE SURPRISE* bought a new pair of work shoes. Havalook.

Gothic Dorothy anyone?
They are SO beautiful. You can get them at my beautiful place of work for a cheap $ 40 and they also come in a gold-bronze glittery colour. Too beautiful to handle... EEEEEKKKK!!! You should  just get them both ALL while saying hello to me :)

And last but not least:
It was about time a new one was being made. As much as I love Wallace and Gromit I am ready for something fresh! And turns out the makers of W&G are the masterminds behind The Pirates! Band of Misfits!. YAY X 1000!!!!

Also: Going to see 'The Lorax' tomorrow. YAY PARADE!
AND: Check out this post's soundtrack please. Kings Of Convenience are very appreciated in my house. Even had one of theirs songs as my/our wedding song. And this remix is very nice.