April 30, 2012

April 30th: Past my bedtime

Dreaming of jelly sandals and white frilly socks today.
For some reason.

I have tomorrow off so that asks for a serious YAY!

Not so yay: the state of my wardrobe. Pretty much everything is piled high on the floor. Very uncool.

If only I could get my PAX shipped in from Austria..

photos: IKEA
 Yes, I have one of these babies to satisfy my OCD as well as my love of displaying everything I have in case someone 'important' ever enters my room (see in case some band's tourbus broke down on the remote streets of the little village I come from and needed shelter and I would go: "Hey Dave Grohl/Alex Turner/Josh Homme you can stay at my place" and they would go: "Slick wardrobe you got there, wanna get married?").
Yes, thoughts like these kept me going as a desperate teenager so I went and got a Pax the size of a small rescue boat and had half of it transformed into a designated "shoes-only" - area and it makes my heart twitch and bleed a little when looking at the current wardrobe I rent (yes, it's part of the rental house I reside in) and there are no shelves and no space whatsoever and with the amount of shoes I own it's really just an overflowing mess. Like a clothes-blob! And whenever I get into the dephts of it I wonder if there is a gremlin somewhere hidden in the back, ready to attack....

Which reminds me (and don't ask why) I saw PONYO yesterday for the first TIME EVER! I choose Ghibli over Disney ANYTIME! No evil body image, non of the "She's only 16 but she is already the most beautiful girl with immaculate breast and a horde of creepy old guys stalking her in order to get to marry her", no 'The Prince saves the day" bullshit - just genuine lovely kids movies that make me feel nostalgic in a good way, not the "everything was better as a child" annoying sort of way. And I like how Ponyo turns into this half goose/half fish when she does her MAGICKA!

Ok, I am starting to get a bit cold and it's already past my bedtime so I won't talk around this much (grandma anyone? bring me my slippers and robe!):
Here's the deal. You donate a PAX to the author of this mind blowing post and she will post again tomorrow.
Or maybe she will anyway....

You'll see!