May 01, 2012

May 1st: Oh, excuses excuses

Hey, it's May already. When did this happen?

So I had this amazing concept in my head of how to show you guys all the new stuff I got in the last couple of weeks and was about to get started when all of a sudden my phone rang and I got called into work at 9am this morning.
Booo. What a c*nt. Especially because my next day off will be SUNDAY! And it's only Tuesday now. Double c*nt. Pardon my french.

So instead of printed leggings and snake print trousers I present you with what I like to call my 'spring break  buddy' aka husband (total American Dad steal right thurr haha)

I usually spare him when I take photos but his greaser hair, blue collar shirt with its arms rolled up and white singlet reminded me of Patrick Swayze in 'The Outsiders' so he had no choice but to strike pose.

What a sexy biest!!!