May 13, 2012

May 13th: Happy Mothers Day!

Hi! Mum I love you! Happy Mothers Day! Just wanting to get that out of the road :)

I am actually wearing a mother-daughter sweater today. Ok, let me explain!
When I was overseas I bought a silver lurex sweater and when my mum saw it on me, she liked it so much she went and bought it for herself. Today I went and grabbed it out of my super (SUPER!!!!) messy closet without giving it much thought until just then, when I realised it was a totally MEANT TO BE and in around 10 - 12 mins I am gonna ring up my mum in Austria to see if she is coincidentally wearing the same darn sweater too.

If so, man....I'd be tripping balls. That'd be so creepy and cool at the same time.

Anyway. AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh. Sooothing AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaahhh.
I had a day off today. Something I never even dared to think was going to happen to me EVER AGAIN!

Ok, enough drama. I had a great day today, starting with getting buck naked to dye my hair purple (turned out pink but who cares?) and dye the shower pink during the process. Ah fuck was well worth it.

Dan and I, both sneezy and snotty, went to Ric's in the valley to grab some breakfast and have a look around at the Valley markets. I found a beautiful dress marked down from $ 90 to $ 49 and I coincidentally was looking for an amazing dress for the Kimbra gig in two days (OH EM GEE so excited!) so I bought it.
Afterwards we went into this little Japanese Otaku shop and looked at all the figurines and collectables and my ultimate favourites, little miniature tea sets. I wish they weren't that expensive. As someone who always whinges about not having enough money for 'insert whatever' I cannot really spend $ 20 on a tea cup the size of my finger nail made from polymer clay. But it is SOOO cute. GAWD.

We headed to the movies and watched 'Dark Shadows' and I loved the first 3/4 of the movie but hated how they wrapped the story up. It's 110 mins of awesomeness followed by 15 mins of too much action and too many unanswered questions. I enjoyed it was set in the 70ies - the fashion, the music, the culture! It was great to watch!

Afterwards we went and had a stroll through Balmoral Memorial. I LOVE the trees alongside the park. They're massive and there are heaps of aireal roots and they are just the ideal type of climbing tree. I wish I hadn't worn a skirt today, I would've been  up the top in no time! Next time!

I have been struggling all this week with going to work and have always come home extremely tired and drained. A day  like today totally refuels my body and mind and I am extremely grateful for it. I also have tomorrow off so am hoping to get some assignments and exercise done. My body is craving a few good squats and lunges :)

tomorrow: I'll finally show you that amazing site I have been talking about in my last post. Stay save and be nice to your mums! (NOT JUST TODAY!)