May 09, 2012

May 9th: I didn't win the lotto - AGAIN!

An ode to the lotto ticket:

Oh lotto ticket.
You are so mysterious.
A worthless piece of paper. A piece of paper that could change my life.
You make me dream the most wonderful dreams. Of owning a home or two, flying first class,
maybe even start or buy a business.
You make me dwelge in fancy fantasies. Of facials, massages and personal training. Of free iPads and
clothes. Of travels in faraway countries, of seeing my family frequently of not having to worry about bills.
THEN: the dreams crumble. The newsagent man tells me what he told a million people before me: You won NOTHING! And I leave, shattered and depressed, and go back to my minimum wage job. THE END.

Ok ok, so I get a little carried away when buying a lotto ticket but seriously, isn't it the cruelest feeling when you don't even win ANYTHING?
And of course the people I imagine winning are always ALWAYS old, greedy, terrible former delinquents/serioul killers/whale killers that hit their partners and kids and drink heavily and kill little puppies. It's never the good people. The people that are struggling to meet the due dates on their bills but still get up every morning with a smile on their face, drinking shitty instant coffee. Am I right? Do you feel me here?

Maybe I am just being oversensitive because ALL my insurance bills just arrived at once and I have $ 21 left in my account. Right now I am thinking of a way to make money from the vomit that is slowly approaching my mouth.
Seriously, is this what we're here for though? Working a shitty job everyday just to make do, to pay the fucking bills and to buy something nice or have a little drinkie every once in a while? And for all of you who now go: "But I love my job" - it's a fucking privilege to make a living of what you love doing, so you better cherish it. Nuff said.

And yet all I can think of is my grandparents and parents saying stuff like "we've worked hard all our lives to get to were we are now" and that's impressive and all but, and without wanting to offend any honest, hard-working people around the globe, I really WANT MORE.

I want a house now, not when I'm forty and my kids have chewed up all my savings and are just waiting for me to die so they can inherit something. I want to travel now, not when my grandchildren have to show me how to use the shutter button on my camera.

So here's the deal: If you have a great business idea, but are too lazy/scared/rich already to put it into action, let me know and I'll try to get filthy fucking rich from it.

I don't care what anyone says, Jessie J can suck my thumb because it damn sure is all about the money and it could also buy me some happiness right now. Anyone got twentyfivehundred dollars to spare so I don't have to live off porridge and suck fuel out of other people's tanks at night? xxx broke bitch