May 25, 2012

May 25th: There's no place like home

Hey you! Remember this post?
I have been meaning to post a follow-up for ages now. I am on it. I promise!

So here's the deal: I am feeling a bit homesick at the moment and it makes me feel extremely nostalgic.
Oh Austria,
where the people are still rude and selfish and where real food consists of carbs and fat and nothing but carbs and fat!

Anyway, moving on from nostalgia (and the urge of doing an upset rain dance because all my friends back home are in Bavaria at the moment drinking beer and watching bands play music and sleeping in tents with strangers)


sell your right kidney for me. I'm shiny!

No, they're lying! I'm totally waterproof!!!
 Wow. Weird and wonderful.
And pricey.
They are designed by Brazilian designer Andreia Chaves, are exclusive to Solestruck and are made to order. The top one is going to cost you almost $ 4000, the bottom one is fairly cheap compared to that at around $ 2800.

As per Solestruck the mirrors on 'The Invisible Shoe' are placed on angles so the light reflections they create makes the shoe seem, aaaaand drumrooooooollll, INVISIBLE!

Will be great to see on Elin/Rumi/Susie or whoever else has the spare change and matching wardrobe.

What do you think, kitten faces?