May 21, 2012

May 21st: Why belts should do the talking...

I am fighting off this mutated flu bug at the moment and my body goes from "You should run a marathon" to "You shall die a cruel and sweaty hot-cold death" in a matter of minutes.

Nonetheless I am brave and going to work because, well, I need the  money and if I'd stay at home I'd just eat all day and watch the telly.

Anyways, here are a few current loves and hate

Kimbra and this song in particular. Still can't grasp how good she was live. It's like a big blur of awesomeness and confetti.


Getting hit in the crotch by a approx. 18 month year old baby girl who carries a fucking heavy ass doll in her hand and mistakes me for her Mum. She actually hit me in the crotch with the doll on my way to work. A tear rolled down my face and a decent "FUCK ME" came out of my potty mouth. The Mum didn't even apologise. She just laughed. I at least expected a stand-off about me swearing in front of her baby but no, nothing. Just a stupid grin. Parents are useless these days!!!


My smartphone. I admit, I am addicted. Dan and I only communicate when I have fed my (tap) fish and uploaded all my instagram shots. I am waiting for the novelty to wear off in order to get my life back.
Until then I'll be playing the shit out of free games and am expecting my two super amaza-poise phone cases I ordered off ebay for a dollar or so.


My current work-lowdown. I absolutely hate dragging myself out of bed in the morning to get to work. Winter depression much?


Letting the belt do the talking

This Holly Fulton for ASOS arrow shirt as seen on Sabinna from BROKEN COOKIES. This pretty much screams DIY ME ASTRID!

Ok. Lemon and ginger tea and honey for me. Then - bed!