May 03, 2012

April 3rd: No business like show business

Hey there! Here are the leggings. FINALLY I may add.
And also a close-up of my current tip-dye. It's purple with a slight pink hue further up the top. Me likey a lot. Not so much likey: When people want to touch my hair all the time.
Stinky fingers. Gross.

thunder thighs. yeah, they're not what you'd call 'flattering' but you know what: Fuck flattering. There, that's a statement right there. I am a girl from the alps and I will wear the alps on my legs with pride. Also worn with pride: Regrowth and weird 'bending over to vomit' - pose.

well, I mixed pink and blue, therefore the one side is a nice purple shade while the other is a magenta. I am a loser when it comes to that sorta stuff but hey, who cares.

Listen to this Radiohead classic and go to bed already.
At least that's what imma do.

xxx and black olives on my pizza