May 27, 2012

May 27: Ave liver

Oh Jesus
I am currently recovering from a pretty long and
beverage-rich night out.

Went to a little boutique in Lismore today called Sobi, a shop I always like to stop by at when I am down there.
They support local designers and have the cutest stock, comparable to much loved Beginning Boutique or Dissh' s stock. If you like their facebook page until next week, you'll get 40 % off one item and they do phone orders too! YAY!
There were plenty of dresses I would have loved to call my own!
If only I hadn't fed a whole heap of coins to one of these tricky Cadbury chocolate factory machines the night before...drunk decision making equals waking up with empty pockets. Old story!

Anyway, I still managed to get myself a cute little suede bag with a chain strap.
I usually carry my house around with me in gigantic bags and I always end up having to carry everyone else's shit in it too, so for the sake of my spinal cord's health, I went for a mini bag. Also pictured: Probably the best purchase I made all last year: my amazing long pleather-sleeved grey blazer I bought off for $ 20.