May 06, 2012

May 6th: Long weekend!!!

Hello there.
I am now on a real computer with a real keyboard again that allows me to type so really fast, I cannot grasp it.
I am having lots of fun with instagram as you can see but the rest of my smartphone is still a big riddle to me. And while Dan tells me to "finally read the fucking instructions" I just spend my time playing "Megajump" and "Fruit Ninja" and continuosly beat my personal best. Did I hear lame?

There was an extraordinarily funny incident at work yesterday where two women of Asian ethnicity approached me, repeatedly saying: Yes, sorry, darling, hunny, hahahaha in very fast pace and one of them reminded me a lot of, well, let's just say TESTOSTERON.
After a while I could clearly see the botox in her/his face and her/his shoe size told more than the truth. Never have I met an Asian lady with Australian size 9 (EUR 40/41) that actually was a lady.
So after her strutting down the aisle and telling everyone she will be "representing Australia in the next Miss Universe contest" she caught a glimpse of my name badge and told me exictedly that her name was Astrid too. Yay life!
Nothing better than being told by an Asian transvestite that you share the same name. And the only thing left to say in this matter is: Thanks mum, thanks dad. You must be very proud.

Today is my first day off since a week and boy did I have to realise I am preferring leasure SO much over work, it is ridic. The thought of having to do labour for the rest of my live makes me want to escape to a cave, grow a beard and lick moss for nutrition, Jean-Baptiste Grenouille-style. Minus the killing and rubbing people in fat to capture their scent afterwards. Fishy.

I will take this opportunity to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend over in Austria. Two days late, I admit. But can I blame it on the time difference? Or maybe on being overworked? A shitty friend? Probably latter but again, Happy Birthday and I hope you don't feel as old as I do at 22. I love and miss you very much. Stay safe and party hard (both at the same time!) xxx

Alright, getting excited for the Kimbra gig in two weeks time and I am already speculating on an outift. But then, why even try to outshine miss Kimbra when there is no way one could? I will probs dress down and be comfy and let her do the crazy stunts in crazy heels.

Now I am off to a bit of pre Labour Day partying. And after asking Dan for his oppinion on three outfits, an indifferent "this is better" escaped his lips when he saw me in the combination pictured below. Well, that was after breaking my heart when he admitted he didn't like my leather skirt/white button-up shirt combination. A tear just ran down my cheek. 
Snakeprint trousers oooh lalalla, snakeprint trousers oohhh lalallaaa
how cool is this button up shirt? pretty well-positioned cut-outs as my bra straps don't show. And there's a major cut out on the back  too. It's more like a big cut out with a little shirt around and I am loving it.

Can you still sit straight after that much filter-abuse?
And what are you sizzling hot sweet potatoes up to?