May 11, 2012

11th: I'm back and batting my lashes

Oh hello my companions.
Sorry for being such a wuss the last couple of days!
I am super overworked and haven't had any sort of pleasure and leasure in a while and on top of all that Dan is sick so I am caring for the poor man too. So much responsibility! Ahaha. No not really. I'm just lazy. Slipping into my pyjamas at 6:30 this evening wasn't really how I had my Friday  night planned. But anyway, there's always a Saturday night, right?

I tried very hard to spend some money on my lunch break today but fashion is boring me at the moment. I loved the stuff at Dissh but maaannn it's JUST for super skinnies (ie crop tops, super short skirts/shorts, see-through tops, printed leggings) and I am sick of having to search for ages for a piece I can incorporate into my current wardrobe. It seems for most of the stuff stocked at the moment I have to have a particular set of clothes to complement it with (like crop top and maxi skirt, printed leggings and chunky knit...blah. Seen two thousand times already...). I just want something nice that makes my heart do happy jumps when I see it on the rack. But shopping experience at the moment is sort of like: "Oh yeah, saw that one on xyz's blog. Looks cool on her but she's 42 kgs. Moving on. Oh, a see-through lacey leotard. Totally wearable...metallic leopard marone...purple...boring". You get the idea.

Anyway, disappointed and ready to spend money at work (AGAIN) on a pair of shoes (AGAIN) I thought I might just save my pennies and have a look online instead and I ended up on Asos. I didn't find much clothing I would like, I did stumble across some very nice accessoires I wouldn't mind ordering though:

All via

Oh, and with reference to the title of this post. I had no idea sequined eyelashes existed.
What an eye-opening discovery (see what I did there?)

Now we ALL can be drag queens. YAY!

How amazing? This is the definition of "Shit that nobody needs but everybody wants" right there ladies and lads. I consider these lashes a health risk for people who use contact lenses and/or  value their eyesight and/or are messy drunks. You are three or less of the above? - then go ahead disco queens. You can get them off Asos as well. Because you need them in your life just as much as scented candles, bubbly foot baths and a blanket with sleeves.