May 30, 2012

May 30th: Online shopping is ruining my life!

Oh hi there! Thanks for stopping by again today.
I am always super stoked when I see how many people actually read the stuff I brew out of my brain juice. Spread the love if you like or keep it to yourself! I will continue posting anyway, because quite frankly, I love it!!
If you would like to follow me on instagram, go ahead. My username is astridapfelkern and since me and my husband phone are inseperable at the moment I post quite frequently and with a whole lotta enthusiasm.

A few days ago I talked about Sobi, a super awesome store in Lismore that carries heaps of amazing brands, locally made jewellery and they also sell the Kardashian bag range (which I am not a big fan of). I am, however, eyeing off a leather messenger bag with fake pony hair on the front. SO cute.

After the gym yesterday I felt like rewarding myself (damnit! always the same...) and took advantage of their 40 % off promotion. I ordered the following dresses:

both pics Sobi
 I know, right! I have fabulous taste.
And even though Mombasa, and other shops have the same dresses for a fragment cheaper than Sobi, I just LOVE their customer service and the enthusiasm their staff has for fashion. Whenever I go in there I feel comfortable and there is none of this awkward pressure of having to buy something I sometimes experience in other small boutique-like stores. That alone is worth a couple of bucks more! I posted a comment below the photo of the black dress on their facebook page and rang up the next day. As it turned out the lovely Kim (I THINK that was her name, haha) had already put the dress aside for me the previous day after reading my comment and I went ahead and bought the pink lace dress too. With the 40 % off promotion I got both dresses for a seriously ridiculous $ 104, plus a flat rate of $ 5 for postage.

They have their promotion on until the 6th of May so go ahead and get yourself a cheap goodie!

I finally got my ebay studs today so will dig out my old and neglected white Chucks out of the cupboard and start studding my butt off.
Will let you know how I go.

What have you been spending your hard earned money on lately?
Presents? For ME? Oh you shouldn't have... :)