May 29, 2012

May 29th: Oui/Non s'il vous plait!

Remember when you had to justify all your purchases in front of your parents? Like when you bought a massive blow - up Godzilla for your bedroom from your first hard earned pocket money and tried to point out all the benefits of having one of these to Mumsie and Dadster? Maybe that was just the code of conduct in my household but I am still finding patterns of exactly that behaviour in my everyday life.
Like when I bought this belt of Asos the other day even though I don't use any of the other ones I own (besides my beloved mirror belt)....straight away I felt the urge of explaining the benefits  AND versatility of owning a french script belt to, well, to myself. Thank god Dan and I both have a big hoarding problem (video games, consoles, comics and books are his downfall, accessories, shoes (!), clothes and homeware/storage are mine), so the old: "Why do you need another pair?" - discussion doesn't happen in your favourite gal pal's home. 
Oh I am getting off topic again. Ok, here are a few options to wear this amazingly cheap alternative to the "Moschino" script belt.

OPTION 1: Wear it as the belt it was intended to be. Yaaaawwwn. NEXT

OPTION 2: A very BDSM-inspired wrist/hand wraparound version. Totally impractical and I am loving it. Wear it with this baby!

OPTION 3: Wear it as an ankle cuff. Possibly sans cotton tights.
OPTION 4: You know how these cheap vinyl belts always bend around the 'buckle up area'. Well, here I present you with the ultimate solution: Cut it to length and warp it round your lovely skull. Et voila - headband au francais.  Excuse the 6 week regrowth. I was supposed to have it done on the weekend  by my personal hairdresser aka sister-in-law. Alcohol ruined our plans.

Now if THAT aren't possibilities enough you can call me Heinrich from now on.

I didn't get around to doing my DIY today, but I am SUPER KEEN to do this shirt sometime soon:

Holly Fulton for ASOS Arrow shirt. Sold out :(
I might do a less straight version of it, as I am a bit of a messy cat and the straight lines always turn out to be a bit of a challenge for me. Also I'll probably skip the whole back part. Short attention span and stuff.

Great. Now I am stuck browsing through the Ring & Tings online shop...