May 23, 2012

May 23rd: Dirty hair days

I have to face the fact that I am not a hair person. Until about a month ago straightening my hair went somewhat like this: throw damp hair over head - randomly run ghd straightener through strands - throw hair back - wonder why everything's still wavy - shrug and go.

So when I see girls who ALWAYS seem to have a different  hair style I wonder what chromosome I missed out on?
Side chignon today, beehive tomorrow, sleek and shiny the next day. I only sport two syles at the moment: open and straight on clean hair days and ponytail on the side on dirty hair days.
i love lazy "get outta my face" hairdos. 

What dirty hairdos can you recommend?

Also I took the plunge yesterday and bought nailpolish from Cotton On. At $2.45 a bottle I didnt have much to lose after all. As expected it already chipped like all hell today, but with only one applied coat and no top coat I should've seen that one coming, rightio?
The colours are gorgeousnd it dries really quickly for a cheapy so I'll be more than happy to apply a bit more often.