May 07, 2012

May 7th: The novelty hasn't worn off just yet

So, I went out last night. Oh Jesus.
Hectic man. But it was good fun. I wasn't really aware that the definition of 'having a good time' has changed since I last went out. Well, let's just say I saw things that weren't meant for my sensitive eyes and by that I mean a LOT of ass cracks, panties, people thrusting poles and humping legs and girls in totally serious straight relationships making out with each other (didn't that go out of fashion in 2008 or something?). Anyway, back to the panties. It's like choosing a good pair of panties is a substantial part of putting an outfit together these days. Hey, nice crotch-cover you got on. Oh and I LOooooooVE your shoes...

All in all it was a good (= expensive) night until we got to this club I will leave unnamed for now but let's just say the amount of people in there in combination with my intoxication left me quite overwhelmed and at times I didn't know wether the boys were girls or the other way round and I left confused enough to check if I was testosteron or estrogen myself. And did I mention said club (ok, because you seem to really want to know... it was The Family) had a $ 20 entry fee? And if that wasn't already cheeky enough, the lady at the door was an absolute whorebag. FUCK that. Never again. See you never. You wanna meet me? Don't go to Family. You get the point.
But then...I was super intoxicated so I  can't really judge, right? Dan claims it's usually pretty good.

And to end yet another FABULOUS post from my side (because the author feels the need to curl up and sleep...) a photo of my icon/semi-lookalike/hyperfashionista i love you so much call me Chloe Sevigny